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Kevin Hello from the Staff at ASK THE EXPERTS® Corp! Here at ASK THE EXPERTS® Corp, The Office Manager, Advertising Executives, Graphic Designers, Site Designers, Editors, all welcome you to the Reality TV of Print Media and Online Web Marketing. ASK THE EXPERTS® Corp began to produce News Magazines in May of 2003. We pride ourselves in the promotion of Bringing to you, Experts® in all areas of the Market place, From Herbal Experts®, Mechanical Experts® to Make-Over Experts®,,, You get the point. Our Experts® are top in their categories and are accountable to you. Ask the Experts® Corp confirms the expansion process to be a success and has realized considerable growth. Allowing opportunities for eager individuals to license a News Magazine in any area of the Country. The Experts® is a Trademarked name allowing security to All licensees, The Experts® has full rights to Advertise all areas of marketing. Print, TV, Radio, Magazines, Internet. If any persons are interested in more information on how to Establish a licensed Experts® territory,
Please email:
Kevin Panko
Group Publisher & CEO
Ask The Experts® Corp .
Thank you to all of Our Experts®, we know it takes time and effort to produce these informative pieces each month.
Cherished readers please know Our Experts® are always here to help. So never hesitate to ask them a question or leave feedback. You can always contact us on our website at: to submit a question, comment or concern. So Turn to The Experts® to help you through your Year. Maybe you' re looking for a new home, vehicle, or just need repairs done. Our Experts® are ready to serve. God Bless and remember . . . . . . The Experts® you need to Know


Saskatoon Kitchen and Bath Fixtures Expert – Lori Pelletier


At Kitchen & Bath Classics we offer a large selection of lighting fixtures for your kitchen, family room, bath­room, dining room, foyer, bedrooms and anywhere else you need to shed a little light in your home. In your Kitchen for example, updating your pendant lights over your island and coordinating it with your dining room […]

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Saskatoon Oil Changes Expert – Jerry Lupul


Canada is a great place to live. Yes, the weather could be better. Yes, the infrastructure could be better (see weather). But overall, I feel like Canada is a secret gem among more well-known countries. Let’s get to Canada and car maintenance. I am going to quickly rehash the old road-trip prep – oil and […]

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Saskatoon Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Expert – Ed Hodel


Frequently Asked Questions At what temperature should I set my thermostat? Normal cooling settings are 75 degrees – 80 degrees. Normal heating settings are 68 degrees – 72 degrees. You should always set your thermostat to the highest possible setting that is comfortable for you in the summer, and the lowest comfortable setting in the […]

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Saskatoon Trees  Expert – Dave Loraas


You may have noticed the large number of sick and dying ash trees in Saskatoon. This is due to the cotton psyllid, an insect that kills mancana and fall gold black ash. This insect is a huge problem to ash trees. Pesticides do not work well controlling these insects. My prediction is that Saskatoon will […]

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& Stone

Ask the Quartz, Glass, & Stone Expert – Bob Varner

Ask the Quartz, Glass, & Stone Expert – Bob Varner Transform Your Kitchen and Bath with New Countertops and Backsplash from Granite Transformations. A fusion of the world’s…

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