Ask Health Food Expert – Rheanne Haines


Ask Health Food Expert – Rheanne Haines

Sangster’s Whey Protein & Sangster’s Super Energizer

Get a great one – two punch with this combo.

Sangster’s® Naturally Pure Whey Protein is an excellent source of clean, dietary protein, free from any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives. Protein isn’t just for the body builder anymore.  It is a necessary nutrient whether you are an active adult, a senior who requires more nutrients or a child undergoing healthy developmental growth.

Designed with the whole family in mind including those who are athletic and looking to promote muscle growth and provide increased energy as well as those who are just looking to add a delicious form of protein to their daily meals. Available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Sangster’s® Super Energize® is a potent combination of herbs to help give you a boost of natural energy when your body needs it the most. You will not experience a “buzz” with this product and no ”low” when it wears off. Lack of nutrient rich foods in our diets, our hectic lifestyles, poor sleep patterns, and high levels of stress are just a few of the things which help contribute to diminished energy levels. During these times we often turn to potentially harmful products rich in caffeine or sugars, which may provide short term results, but when used over time, damage and fatigue the adrenal glands. Sangster’s® Super Energize® is a safe and effective natural alternative to sugar rich foods, and energy drinks.