Ask the Modular Homes Expert – Cameron Tarnow


Ask the Modular Homes Expert – Cameron Tarnow

Today, people are looking for value with every dollar they spend, and a modular or manufactured home offers just that. With the improvements in the quality of a modular or a manufactured home they are a better choice then conventional construction in most Rural areas. Today manufactured and modular homes are built to more varied specifications and architectural designs then ever before including multi level, split level, post modernistic and many traditional styles.

Modular homes from start to finish can be built faster because the greatest portion of construction, including HVAC, electrical and plumbing are completed under controlled climate conditions inside a factory.

This saves a lot of time due to weather and scheduling issues that always seem to arise with traditional home construction. This means saving time and as everyone knows, time is money, especially in new home construction.

We continually strive to provide our consumers with the best built home for the best price possible.

Here at Classic Homes we can also built to suit your property, commercial site, Man Camps for all different types of applications. We would like nothing more than to show you what we’re able to provide.

Please feel free to come visit Classic Modular Homes located at 12728 100th Street Grande Prairie Alberta, we are your Manufactured and Modular Home Experts®.  (780) 538-4757.