Ask the Lingerie & Custom Bra Fittings Expert – Angela Craig


2nd Location!

Bodacious Bustline’s second location in Market Mall right beside Step A Head Shoes is NOW OPEN! Use the Coachman Entrance for easiest access on the old Zellers side.

Why you ask? Well here is why……….

  1. To release the pressure valve on the Main Store in Warman. If any of you have walked in on a busy Saturday and you are greeted with, “may I put your name on the wait list for a change room” you understand why.
  1. To be accessible to all the people that do not have transportation out to us in the Warman location. Even though you can drive up to the front door in Warman, which a lot of you like, many students, single gals and seniors rely on the transit system for getting around.
  1. Over half the population is now south of the river in Saskatoon and there is very limited shopping for personal items in the area. Very limited sizes as well.
  1. We need room to expand our lines. So there will be different products in both stores depending on the needs in each area. The North store (Warman) will have more selection as it is the bigger store. It also will be the test store for new products and probably carry a lot more of the naughty stuff for now.
  1. Be more accessible for Southern clientele which goes all the way to the US boarder.
  1. Open Sundays. At Market Mall location ONLY! Warman will have five change rooms, Market Mall will have three. You will see a lot of familiar faces as we will be split shifting the gals that live in the city with the gals out in Warman that wish to.

All I ask is please be patient with the staff and store the firs three months. I am really nervous as the response to our opening is getting a little scary! So if you can go north to Warman please do and let us serve all the new customers with the time and care that we like to take.

Looking forward to a Bodacious 2016.

Warman 306-249-6239

Market Mall 306-374-2325